A urbex penetrates the cave of Clairfeuille 23 later after the drama

The adventurer Mister C who is passionate about Urbex penetrated the cave of Clairfeuille 23 years after the tragedy. After visiting Steinkohle 1301, a Nazi death factory built in France, Mister C went to Monterolier to explore the cave of Clairfeuille sadly known for a drama that had shaken France in 1995.

Clairfeuille, June 21, 1995!

On 21 June 1995, three children and six adults, including four firefighters, died asphyxiated in the cave in Monterolier near Rouen. The investigation concludes that carbon monoxide poisoning originated from a fire on the part of teenagers. But the official thesis has always been questioned by the families of the victims.

Nestled in the wood of Clairefeuille, it was a playground for children. The cave is a maze of galleries built by the Germans in 1944 to store parts of the V1 rockets, flying bombs.

The investigation will conclude with carbon monoxide poisoning. The three teenagers lit a wood fire in the cave. They were victims of the fumes. Justice makes a non-place. But families don’t believe in the official thesis. They evoke the presence of a toxic gas that comes from old ammunition.

23 years later, they are exploring the cave of Clairfeuille!

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